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Pediatric Special Care

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Private Duty Nursing

The nursing team at Pediatric Special Care incorporates only pediatric and neonatal nurses. We are nurses committed to children and their families. We strive to work in a collaborative relationship with the family, their physicians and others who are involved in the care of the child. Coordination of services is managed by our nurse manager, whose expertise is in the nursing care of children and their families.

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We employ only high-quality nurses.

  • Our nurses are experienced pediatric nurses who are carefully screened and tested.
  • Each nurse is matched to the special needs of the child.
  • We encourage families to participate in the interviewing process.
  • Each nurse participates in a specialized orientation in the hospital or home and receives a complete orientation packet individualized to the child's needs.

In order to achieve our goal of high-quality nursing care to children, care is implemented by:

  • Mutually developing the child's plan of care with the child, family, nurses, physicians, and other health care team members
  • Individualizing the plan to incorporate the child's normal parameters and behaviors.
  • Reviewing and modifying the plan periodically.
  • Focusing on the family and child as a unit and incorporating them in all levels of decision making.
  • Encouraging the family to participate as much as desired in the child's care.
  • Incorporating a teaching plan that promotes family self-management of the child's care.

Quality control is important to ensure that the desired level of care is promoted and maintained.

  • Our Nurse Manager makes regular visits to assess and evaluate care in the home.
  • Our Nurse Manager also periodically works a shift in the home to become intimately familiar with the child's care and to develop a rapport with the family.
  • Families' feelings are elicited to discuss satisfaction, problems, or concerns.
  • Our Nurse Manager is on call 24 hours/7 days a week.

Children and their families are our only business.

     Children with special health care needs deserve to be cared for by experts in pediatric care. Twenty years of experience give our nursing team at Pediatric Special Care the ability to support these special children and their families.

     Our professionals form a highly-qualified team dedicated to the care of children with special health needs. Our team consists of pediatric private duty nurses, respiratory therapists, and comprehensive management. Other services can be provided upon arrangement. This unique 'one-stop shopping' service provides a smoother transition for families from hospital to home, where children belong.

We are a CHAP accredited company committed to clinical competency and quality services.