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Pediatric Special Care

Home Medical Equipment and Nursing Care for Children

November 2008

Look who's 20!

     November of 1988, Pediatric Special Care opened its doors with six nurses and one child patient. News of our specialized care spread via word of mouth and within two years we were caring for 7 children in their homes. Now, 20 years later, we are able to care for many more children, allowing them to be home with their families.

     Children with need of our nursing care tend to use a lot of medical equipment. This gave rise to our Durable Medical Equipment (DME) department and our staff of Respiratory Therapists. We were then able to provide the personal care of our specialized nurses, and to supply the equipment our tiny patients needed. Our therapists not only provide equipment set up and support, but they train the families in the use of their child’s equipment; empowering the family with the knowledge they need.

     In our continuing goal to provide complete home care for our patients, we added a full line of infant formula to the supplies we offer. However, many of our patients were in need of specialized nutrition. Now we also cater to those children by keeping some of the hardest to find formulas in stock every day. We also accept WIC customers. Many people come from miles away to take advantage of this service.

     We started as the only nursing company in Michigan to specialize in pediatrics. In these past 20 years we’ve seen other pediatric companies come and go, and once again we are the only company to offer the services we do. Children and their families are our only business; from nursing, to equipment, to nutrition we offer complete care.

     When asked, “Why pediatrics? Why not a broader base of clientele?” Our president replied simply, “Pediatrics is where you see miracles happen.” On our office walls you can see the pictures of our patient’s smiling faces, showing 20 years of those tiny miracles.